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Loss Mitigation Services


Kinnamon's LMIS division provides portfolio management services to the utility and commercial sectors. Our services include:

Field Services

Kinnamon customizes its field services to address the unique needs of our customers and their field asset requirements. Field services options include:

Collateral inspection
Occupancy determination
Borrower interview with call-back card
Next-door interview
Digital photographs
Pre- and Post-Insurance Inspections

Property Preservation

Kinnamon arranges for independent contractors to provide a full range of property preservation services:

Scheduled property maintenance reminders
Code compliance
Re-secure property
Lock change
Board broken windows
Debris removal
Hazardous waste removal
Re-glaze broken windows
Grounds maintenance

Asset Sales and Portfolio Purchases

Kinnamon has facilitated the sale of portfolio collateral and the notes associated with such collateral for its lending clients. The sale of assets or notes can be by individual parcel or loan, or bundled as a portfolio.

Management Reports

Our goal is to surpass our clients' expectations in terms of accuracy, value and responsiveness, and — subject to the unique requirements of each customer — Kinnamon strives to exceed the following performance and reporting benchmarks:

Maximum of ten-day turnaround time for survey completion
Expedited service available
Weekly management updates by email and express mail
Posting of field activity results for management review via the internet

Online Database

Kinnamon provides its clients with password-protected access to real-time field report results:

Online Field Reports

Kinnamon provides our Solutions agents with the ability to file their field reports online:


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